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Your Medical Device Manufacturing Partner

Contract Manufacturing Certified

Our Flexible contract manufacturing program allows you to customize our operation to fit on your needs by outsourcing from one manufacturing function to full supply chain & cross functional operation.

We are as small or as big you want us to be having the flexibility to operate from one single workstation up to complex operation
increasing your revenue

Manual Assembly

Our high skilled work force is specialist on manual sub assembly and full assembly that operates under certification program giving the confidence of manufacturing high quality product.

Our manual assembly is supported by work instructions, visual aids,
procedures and proper training based on qualifications and validations.

Vendor & Supply Chain Management

The significance of outsourcing supply-chain management is considered as a strategic option for international companies; we have the facilities to take care of your outsourcing initiatives and just in time procurement policies; besides of product manufacturing and assembly services, Lanix Med Global offers vendors management programs that are extremely responsive to the needs of our customers.

Our open communication to customer will allow you to monitor and regulate the suppliers effectively and at competitive costs. We can provide complete end-to-end solutions starting from supplier management to shipment and distribution of end product and hence offer a lot of flexibility in our services. This global materials management facilitates shortening of product life cycles and also makes our services extremely cost-effective.

Quality Assurance Service

Product parts sorting & inspection services. We are open to provide you with Inspection services that includes specified dimensions &/or attributes of products or materials verification, recording results, performing procedures/rework to parts, control of rejected parts & full documentation. Rework, containment, sub assembly, warehousing, distribution, kitting, sequencing, order fulfillment, packaging, strategic
sourcing, repackaging, sequencing, custom reporting, consulting, project management & engineering services also are available; services also include printing & staffing.

Project Management

Our proved and structured product transfer system developed from more than 20 experienced management years on international projects, allows to support your international operations grow with confidence and safety.

Our flexible system and the management experience is the ideal formula to provide structured mechanism and assurance for your project management handling.

Give us the opportunity to provide you our solutions for your needs.