About Lanix

Your Medical Device Manufacturing Partner

Vision, Mission, Values


“Become a world class manufacturing company, leaded by continuous improvement culture, based on high quality service and innovation to achieve customers, employees and share holders total satisfaction.”


“Manufacture high quality products and contribute to the development of new Customers and Products, guaranteeing standardized processes to exceed customer expectations by adding value to their products, thereby enhancing our prestige that will allow us to acquire new projects.”

Quality Policy

LANIX MED GLOBAL is committed with clients, doctors and patients to meet their expectations by delivering the highest quality medical products; we are committed with employees to assure a safe and appropriate work environment; committed with the community by applying policies to protect the environment and to comply with applicable laws and regulations.



Trough compliance, doing things right at the first time with an open working environment.


Meet the standards and exceed customer expectations to have a world class manufacture environment.


Always do the right thing being honest in what we do and have professionalism in our actions, acting under the company ethic code.


Commited with our actions and obligations to meet results consistently.


Influence people to work enthusiastically to achieve a common goal.



Lanix Med Global crosses by rigorous certification and completed qualification for new product line; parts produced on Lanix Med Global clean room certified environment is consumed for European customers.


Lanix Med Global expands operations by integrating innovative IV system production line; first shipment to American market was for 3,900 units on the second quarter of the year.


Lanix Med Global improved operation capacity by Class 7 clean room certification; this grade is placing our operation above most of medical devices manufacturing companies (Class 8 class 8 certification).


Lanix Med Global started new operation cell for disposable Infusion set; This product is mainly consist of spike, air filter, drip chamber, pvc tube, flow regulator, liquid filter, flash bulb, taper connector and other parts, used for gravity feed, Steriled by E.T.O, no-bacteria, no toxicity, no pyrogen. It is used for transport medicine solution for human body in clinic.


As part of its twentieth anniversary Lanix expands its portfolio of businesses to be incorporated into the market of medical device manufacturing and mobile phone industry.


Incorporation of a 4th automated production line. Launch of the new equipment line equipment: Wizz, Family AIO, FX5, Neuron LT, Magnum. Consolidation in the technology and computer market.


Lanix continued to strengthen it retail sale strategy, incorporated consumer PC sales, placing first through Telecommunications Company. To diversify its technological offer in the consumer market, Lanix released a new line of LCD TVs for high definition (HD).


Lanix announced its incorporation as a partner of International Purchasing Association (IPA), joining five PC manufacturers in Europe to open sourcing offices in Taiwan and China.


Lanix gained the Intel Premium Provider distinction.


Lanix opened his own computer manufacturing company.


Lanix was the first manufacturer in Latin America to offer Windows XP in Spanish on their computers.


Lanix obtained the ISO 9001 certification.


Lanix obtained the ISO 9000 certification.


Lanix inaugurated their “Lanix Industrial Park”.


Lanix was the first manufacturer in the world to release computers with Windows 95 and Works in Spanish.


Lanix started commercial operations in Chile. Lanix was the first manufacturer in the world to incorporate their computers with Windows 3.0 in Spanish. Lanix launched the Mexican market the first Sidebar computer.


Lanix was the first manufacturer in Mexico to offer 2 year guarantee in their products.


Lanix initiated operations in Hermosillo, Sonora with 20 employees. Same year in Mexico launched its first product. PC Lanix 286, with a 5MB hard drive, 64K memory, MS-DOS Operating system, DVD 51/4 Floppy, black and white monitor 14 inch without mouse.